Monday, February 22, 2010

Man Night... more like, the Night That Sorta Sucked

Usually when I wake up on a Sunday morning half in the bag to a text that reads... "Did you eat my Fuckin Chicken Parm Sandwich?!?" I know that the night before must have been pretty friggin awesome. This Sunday was a little different however, and for the life of me I cant figure out whether or not Saturday's night ManFest Shitshow was awesome or not. I remember bits and pieces of the night, and all of them lead to nothing more than a feeling of mediocrity. If you dont mind, and I'm sure you dont, I'd like to share a few high and lo-lights of Saturday nights affair.

So the night started out with Mark picking me up in the bright red Camaro... a car that handles the potholes of 280 with effortless grace and stability. To make matters even more fantastic, I get in the car only to find that he and I are wearing the exact same outfit. We both looked great in my opinion, so Dan calling us gay a dozen or so times didn't change how I felt one bit about our attire (It could have been worse, we could have both been wearing the American Eagle life preserver vest that he donned throughout the evening). The night really peaked shortly thereafter with a pregame sessions at 307. Arthur's Steakhouse plans turned into takeout, and an insult inspired game of asshole provided a decent amount of laughs at the expense of all of the participants. If i had a dollar for the amount of times Mark and I were called gay I would have enough money to buy at least 6 Chipotle Burritos. Unfortunately for all of us (excluding Dick, who somehow is finding ways to have more fun than a first timer at the Go-Go-Rama week after week) the night was about as fun as eating those 6 burritos; time spent over indulging as we all sped directly past Funland and into the world of "I feel like shit, this is boring, lets go home." In fact, at some point in the night Dan turned into an absolute Zombie, and eventually a body pillow for Dick who had no other choice but to spoon Fitz cause his blood alcohol content was hovering somewhere around eight.

So there you have it, the Hi's and Low's of a very okay Saturday night. I really don't have much more to say, as the night was so forgettable that I no longer wanna expend energy discussing it. I'm hoping that either next time a little more effort is put into the development of our plans, or we just go off the cuff like usual and make a good time out of nothing.

Luck and Wishes

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thought I Had Forgotten About You, Eh??

A wise man once wrote in my 2001 West Orange High School Yearbook.... "It seems like Yesterday that we met Yesterday, but it wasn't...but I wish it was." I'm not lying to you guys either, that was actually written in my yearbook, and it has given my friends and I almost a decades worth of entertainment.
It wasn't until recently however since I've stopped updating the blog that I've started to truly understand the significance of those graduation/parting words.
"It seems like yesterday that we met yesterday" It only seems like a few days ago that TSGOT was started as a result of boredom... a grown man lying around his house without anything better to do as he awaited busy season at work to kick into gear... "But it wasnt" It really has been like 3 months.... "BUT I WISH IT WAS!" You're right Doug, I wish it was too... I wish i still had the zest to publish every night when i got home from work...the desire to create and entertain the masses (all 4 people who read), and I think it's safe to say that like may other bloggers...I have lost my way.

But just like Doug seemingly lost his way as he scribbled all over the back page of my yearbook, he was able to pick his ass up by his boot straps and finish his quote with one of the greatest endings to a speech of ALL TIMEEE.... "Lee- Rember Luck and Wishes" That's not a typo either people... that sonofabitch wanted to express how badly he wanted me to remember the "luck" and "wishes" we shared that he created his own Fuckin word! And that is passion people. It's with the same fervor that I will update the blog with, and the same rapture that we shall all share as we embark upon what will certainly be one of the greatest Saturday nights ever had... because Saturday night in the Bokes is officially "The Night of Luck and Wishes."

Soo without further ado the tentative gampeplan is as follows... a steak over at Arthurs (Marks Idea).... a pregame over at 307 (probably should tell the guys who live there about this)... and then finally an absolute shit show at 340 grille (there could be no better place to have such an event). Rember folks... it seems like yesterday that we alll met yesterday, but it wasnt, but I wish it was.... so lets get hammered about it!

Oh by the way...throughout the night, It would be awesome if we all greeted eachother with "Spartan-like" handshakes as we wish each other "Luck and Wishes." Just a thought...