Thursday, January 7, 2010


Get your Hair Gel ready cause its about to go down. Thursdays are no longer for uhhhh, i have no idea what the hell Thursdays used to be for, but now Thursdays are all about The Jersey Shore. I'm %100 gay for this show and will probably watch it instead of that Nation Championship thing that's going on at the same time. While we are discussing TV, I think it should be noted that I will be attending the Wendy Williams Show next week (that's the goal at least) to see if Dan really works there, or if hes just serving hot dogs outside of the building. I'm guessing the man is not lying, although he did blame locking Jeff Marcus' baseball locker with a random Masterlock (how many times can i include the word lock in this awful post) on Brian which we all know is a complete lie.
What else, what else....ummm I think thats pretty much it for the day, TSGOT will have a full report on this weeks "Goombas Gone Wild," and a badass interview with a TSGOT fan favorite... stay tuned

Oh by the way... a little disclaimer... my passion for The Jersey Shore has nothing to do with my feelings towards Italians, in fact I'm a big of those Greasy Bastards...haha that's a lil joke. But seriously, I like Italians...okay bye

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  1. 2 things:
    1) this says it was posted at 8:23AM...we all know thats a lie. unless there was a tuna sandwich with potato chips lurking under your nose, theres no way you could have woken up at that time.
    2) all of you who continue to disregard my feelings for "the jersey shore" know this...karma is a bitch...