Friday, January 1, 2010

2009....Ya Fired!!!

2009 is officially over. A year which gave us the rise of Mario Lopez, the fall of George Bush, and the demise of Tiger Woods. It was also a year in which "This Guy" (yours truly) was released for the first time and hit .300 for the first time (So what it wasn't for an entire season, you try and do that shit!). When I look back at 2009 I can't think of too many memorable moments. I'm not sure if it counts, but New Years Montreal 2009 was certainly a highlight. It really set the bar high as far as partying expectations were concerned, and I don't think we did anything to disappoint. There was plenty of boozing in 2009, plenty of boredom, and it was a year in which TSGOT saw the rise of "Dick," a man who is taking Saturday nights to a new level. 2009 was another shitty year as far as my sporting teams are concerned. The Niners continue to try and get over the hump...Syracuse Football had an awful record...SU basketball got demolished in the sweet 16...but with all of that being considered, each of those squads are poised for big years in 2010 (mark my word). The best movie in my opinion was "Glengarry Glen Ross" which was made in 1992, but seen for the first time by "This Guy" in 2009. The worst movie by far was "The Blindside," and I've vented on that topic in posts prior. My bank account didn't grow in 2009, in fact I took a considerable pay cut (lol) to play baseball in Michigan. I think I got better lookin in 2009, however. While we are talking about good looks in 2009, how could we forget to mention the death of Michael Jackson. I never realized how awesome this guy was until he was dead, and I never realized how easy the moonwalk was until he was gone either. 2009 gave us a bunch of other shit that really isn't worth mentioning, but while it wasn't the most memorable year it certainly wasn't a "bad" year either. If I could say one very nice thing about this past year, its that for me personally, 2009 was a year in which I met some incredible people both professionally and personally... and these relationships will no doubt make the years to come much more enjoyable. So here's to you 2009, thanks for the mediocrity!!! O, wait... before I go, I forgot to mention we now have a Black President... Cheers!