Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Week That Was....Green

Well I don't quite even know where to start with what has transpired over the past several days... I guess we should start off with Saturday morning and good Ole' Saint Patty's Day Parade in Hoboken (Which will be changing its name next year to "The Belligerent, Parliament Smoking, Twenty Something Hammer Fest"). That's right, St. Patty's Day was an absolute shit show as White Men ages 24-35 did their best Artie Lange impressions in order to make out with 21 year old chicks who might have had a few too many Schlitz's. I'm not gonna really go into the details of the Hoboken festivities, but in a nut shell, by 3:00PM it looked as if there was a "Dawn of the Dead" sequel being filmed between Bloomfield and Washington (God only knows what would have happened if Gronske had attended the festivities). The highlight for me of course was seeing some schmuck wearing a "Kiss me I'm Jewish" shirt. I immediately walked up to him and gave him a handjob for his heroism. I guess you can call this entire the week "The Week of the Irish," cause this Sunday marks the 207th annual West Orange St. Patty's/homecoming/reunion/god she got ugly...Day. Just in case you didn't eat enough green bagels, now's your chance to once again "Get Your Irish On" and possibly share a pint or two with your favorite West Orange police officer. I myself am praying for a rainout, only cause I live with my parents and I don't feel like answering a dozen questions about why I smell like cigerrettes and "Dillons" Corned beef and cabbage. I can honestly say I'm looking forward to a local weekend cause Hoboken Saturday Nights are getting a little too wacked out for my liking (who am I kidding, I'm nothing without the Bokes). Please check back for updates on what should be a wet and wild weekend filled with poorly aging local broads and maybe a fight here and there.


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