Monday, December 28, 2009


Sooo tonight I thought long and hard about shutting down the blog... Why you ask? Well, because I'm really putting myself out there in revealing my inner workings; and more importantly,I dont think anybody reads this shit. Because of these things, I've realized that the only way the blog can sustain itself is to become a living, breathing thing. The blog must not be a reflection of whats going on in my head, but its gotta be a vehicle for the people closest to me to tell the world a little bit about themselves. Lets make this thing an open forum, a place where we can debate, argue, and call out whomever and whatever for all the world to see. The blog can be an online mediator of sorts where readers will be able to take sides interactively on age old or new age arguments that take place in every living room or beer pong room around the country. So lets get involved people and take this thing to another level. And if this doesn't take off, well I already have one finger on the "Delete All" button.

Cue the rocky theme song!

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