Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back From The Holidays

I apologize for being away for so long (as if any of you care), and I will use the holiday season as my excuse for my laziness. Not much has happened over the past couple of days... oh yeah there was that whole Christmas thing. Lots of people I work with and other friends of mine ask me what I do on Christmas and I always respond with the same thing...wait to my parents leave the house and then look at porn. That of course is a joke, I don't need them to leave the house. On a serious note(its obvious that I haven't gotten any more mature during the past week or so) Christmas for Jews really sucks. Its not that we feel left out with all the gift giving and holiday cheer, its just the fact that not a god damn thing is open on Christmas Day. In fact, the whole world shuts down and you realize at that moment how the non-celebrators are truly in the minority. But since you guys asked, Ill tell you what i did

- Woke up around 12 and I brushed my teeth
- Ate some breakfast
- Found a day pass for the JCC and used it to shoot some hoops
- Played guitar....still shitty
- Went on Facebook 112 times
- Spent the rest of my night eating as there really was nothing else to do
- Slept

So, there ya go, that's how I spent my Christmas, and every second of it sucked. All of you who are reading this owe me one day of life. I will accept payments in the form of money or gift certificates to the Short Hills Mall.

Now that Christmas is over with, our attention is now squarely focused on New Years. This holiday ranks up there with Valentines Day as the biggest man made crock of shit. Everyone gets wasted, kisses a stranger, calls their parents, and gets a hangover. At the end of the day, absolutely nothing has changed other than the fact that its a year later and you will be post dating your checks not because you are a scum bag, but because you can honestly no longer remember what year we are in. I apologize for my cynicism toward the holiday season, and I plan on fixing this problem by making a new years resolution to become more positive!!! TSGOT will follow this story up with pre and post new years coverage, so stay tuned people


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