Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just Call Me Roger Ebert Rubin

Before I start this post i just wanna let you all know that the Jizz in my Pants video is hysterical.... onward!

Soooooo I saww the blindside...Annnnddd it sucked. That's right, the much hyped, much applauded "Blind Side" would have been much more enjoyable if in fact I was blind. The movie is about Michael Oher, the Left Tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, who overcame lots of adversity to become not only an NFL player, but a college graduate more importantly.
In my honest opinion the movie should have been called... "How Fuckin Hot is Sandra Bullock When She Dresses Up Like White Trash!" Yep that's right, Sandra Bullock is the only thing in the movie worth seeing. I hope another uneducated, mistreated, obese youth comes along to overcome insurmountable odds if it meant Sandra Bullock could play his or her surrogate mother. If this movie is in fact in the works, then let me purchase my tickets now and sit outside a Loew's theater like a Star Wars junky before opening night.
My advice to you, wait until the dvd comes out, and whatever ya do, don't make a date night out of it. Instead, go see something that guarantees to please, such as "Avatar"...or "Space Balls" if in fact you make it a Blockbuster night.


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