Thursday, December 3, 2009

Call me Lee "The Situation/The Bidness" Rubin

That's right you fist pumping will call me by my new name or I'll be forced to break a Puma off in your ass!

Echem, on a serious note, tonight was the premier of the most anticipated show since the "Dallas" reunion... MTV's "Jersey Shorrree" Yeahhhhhh!!! This show couldn't have happened at a more perfect time as it coincides perfectly with our JERSEY SHORE NIGHT at Tommy's place... Yeahhhhhhh!!! You heard me people, Tommy's parents are out of town and we are throwing a fist pumping themed fiesta at his crib December 12th, located in the Guido Mecca of East Hanover. I've already had my fathers gold mezuzah melted down into an Italian horn for the festivities. TSGOT will keep ya posted on whats gonna be a fistastic good time.

A couple of notes: Tommy sorta knows about this (I'll clue him in later), I'm dead serious with this idea, and read this if you don't know what a mezuzah is... here ya go

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