Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Interview of a Lifetime....or not

It turns out interviewing Mark was nearly impossible...he must have Jedi Mind Tricked me or something cause I completely shat the bed on this one (I won't take all the blame, he was in a rush or something). Here are a few of the highlights from the most awkward interaction I've had with a person in the last seven years of my life...(In chronlogical order)

(Lee) - Fu*k dude i really should have thought about some shit to say
(Mark)- HAHAHAHA...wait are we on the interview now

and then...

(Mark) also i see 38 girls a day id make out with
(Lee) When i watch Celebrity Sex Rehab with Doctor Drew, I can totally envision you being on there

and finally....

dude im leaving you for a shower...you need to put in work and prepare next time if you wanna be a ameture journalist/blogger
(Lee) your right, fu*k this interview

oh yeah... and that IS Frank Stallone


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  2. just for the record i look nothing like the great frank stallone!