Monday, November 16, 2009

The New Years Dilemma (dun Dun DUNNNN)

Starting from now until Dec. 30th, 4,325,800 emails will be sent daily with the heading "New Years Eve." Today was my lucky day... At 1:05 PM the first of many "New Years Eve" emails found their way into my inbox.
My hat goes off to the person who sends the initial email. I know that if it was up to me, I would be scrounging around on Dec 28th trying to find some shit hole open bar in the city to pull an all nighter at. The "Initial" guy plants that little bug in the back of all of your minds, and just like your mother who reminds you of plans three months in advance (okay, maybe thats only me), he/she is only looking out for the betterment of you and the rest of your lazy ass friends.
Over the next few weeks TSGOT is going to analyze the best possible New Years options for a group of handsome, twenty something white men. Will the answer be our neighbors to the North in Montreal??? possibly... how about a hot spot like Miami??? also doable... How bout Egans??? (uhh no) What we do know is that the destination as of now is unkown, and over the next few weeks, TSGOT is gonna break it down and find the perfect New Years Getaway for 2010... get your Groggers ready, although I think that's only for Jewish holidays.


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