Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Brother the Lawyer...

My old man got a hankerin for a chocolate shake from Micky D's. He asked my brother to go hook it up...this is what ensued

David(11:38:12 AM): so check this out
David(11:38:15 AM): i roll up to McDonalds yesterday
Lee(11:38:26 AM): right
David(11:38:35 AM): i get to the first drive through sign and this soft sweet voice comes over and says please drive to the second board
Lee(11:38:44 AM): okay
David(11:39:00 AM): so i get to the second board and the voice comes on again and was like "would you like to try a McLatte with your value meal" and I was liek no i am fine. THEN BOOOM
David(11:39:06 AM): i was thrown the ole okie doke
David(11:39:24 AM): it was a fucking recording and some mean ass bitch comes on and was like Welcome to McDonalds what you want
David(11:39:27 AM): i was like oh shit
David(11:39:38 AM): so then i drive up to the second window to pay. adn this bitch was pissed off looking
David(11:39:53 AM): like i was like shit, thank god im only gtetting three milkshakes cause i wouldnt wanna ask her to exchange nothing.
David(11:40:07 AM): so the shakes come out, lids half off them. and i notice one was a vanilla.
David(11:40:39 AM): so i was like oh fuck this sucks i gotta ask this kimbo slice looking bitch for a chocolate. so i goes and passes it back over the window she goes and throws it into a trash can and was like we need a chocolote shake..
David(11:40:48 AM): i was like ok, let me get this shake and get the fuck out of here.. BUT NOOOO
David(11:41:39 AM): cant leave McDonalds without some other issue, three homeboys doing a dance routine right in front of the exit. it was like i was fucking trapped.
Lee(11:42:05 AM): HAHAHHAHA
David(11:42:08 AM): i started thinking about taking it over the grassy knoll between D&D and McD's but finally 5/0 rolled up and they busted out
David(11:42:49 AM): i drove home fucking in a daze, all i wanted was 3 fucking shakes
Lee(11:43:49 AM): awesome
Lee(11:43:52 AM): kimbo slice looking bitch hahah
David(11:46:00 AM): she looked like slice, she had the chops and the chin hairs.
Lee(11:46:10 AM): but she was at least 6'0 237 238

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