Sunday, November 22, 2009

This weekend was all about Syracuse

Yeah we got drunk, yeah we all hung out, yeah we made out a little, yeah Saturday night was a standard great night...but it's what happened before Saturday night that made this weekend an unbelievable success. I not only had the pleasure of attending my first Syracuse basketball game of the year (An outstanding win against defending national champs UNC), but I watched as the SU football team laid a licking on Rutgers. I haven't felt unbridled joy quite like this since 1994, when for a split second the normally fuzzy Playboy channel turned high definition.

Heres a rundown of the very amazing, very "Orange" weekend...

I wasn't able to attend Thursday nights first round game against California, but ol' boy Phil was there soaking it all in. In his post game presser (a 4 line email to me) Phippis let it be known that he sorta fell in love with the chick who sung the National Anthem (phone calls have been made to her PR people), and that the trend of black people rocking "Fauxhawks" is dying out (unfortunately).

Madison Square Garden is probably my favorite place to watch a game, especially when Syracuse is beating the Shit out of UNC. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of decent looking broads at the game (6.5-8), and I met a lovely girl on the train ride who was very knowledgeable in the "Arts of Cuse." We talked on end about her favorite teams of years passed, her love for Otto (Syracuse mascot), annnd her fiance....FUCK!

While at the game I also witnessed my first set of Syracuse lesbians. They were clearly excited about the win, and it just goes to show how "Orange" is transcending boundaries. I will post a picture at a later time

As if the weekend couldn't have gotten any more awesome, it did, when SU put a whoopin on Rutgers, Saturday morning. There's nothing better than watching your favorite football team beat the snot out of a bunch of juiced up fist pumpers dressed in Scarlet. "You fuck my wife?!?"

So there ya have it folks... a perfect 10 of a weekend. My highest hopes were fulfilled and we had a good Saturday night to boot. Next weekend has a lot to live up to, and we'll be sure to keep you updated. Oh, by the way, feast your eyes on the Empire State building decked out in Syracuse colors... not bed, eh?

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